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Dark Chocolate 90%


90% Dark Chocolate 500g

Paleobay’s Homemade 90% unsweetened Dark Chocolate, Loaded with essential minerals like calcium ,potassium & copper , Its boosts your energy and nerve system function. It wont make you fat, as there is no preservatives and additives were added like sugar , syrup etc., Each bar looks fantastic: sleek, smooth, and dark. A single square, if given sufficient mouth time, will slowly, smoothly melt, revealing floral, nutty, and coffee notes. That single square will resonate for several minutes, provided you don’t just chomp down without allowing it to melt. Excellent snack for diabetic patients as it wont raise your blood sugar level.

Ingredients :cocoa powder,cocoa butter

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90 % Dark Chocolate 500g

Home made 90% dark chocolates from the house of paleobay! No added preservatives . Just added honey 10%
.we are processing only fresh after the order was made.that’s the taste and success of our products.

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