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Low carb nutritional health mix (especially kids) -500g


Currently, Kids food stuffs available market are loaded with carbs and, our child are prone to life style diseases like diabetes, at very young age. We, at Paleobay, intends to bring healthy low carb products, which your children would love to dig into, without compromising on the taste.

In this row, paleobay proudly launches #Low carb nutritional #healthmix specially for kids.

This is Gluten Free, Sugar-Free, soy free, Low Carb, Nutrition Dense, and made of superfoods/natural ingredients. This health mix is also suitable for people on keto foods / diet, low-carb diet, weight management program, managing blood sugar levels or suffering from other health issues.

Ingredients :- sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, barley, almonds, cashews, red rice, green gram, channa dhal and ragi.

Just 2 teaspoons of health is enough to meet your kids nutritional needs in natural way.